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Chicken Saltimbocca Recipe For A Dinner Party (

Italian Chicken Saltimbocca recipe with spinach, prosciutto, and fontina cheese. This is a classy meal that is great for a dinner party.

The first time I made this dish I was around sixteen years old and decided I wanted to make a fancy meal for my parents.

Searching around the house I found one of my mom’s cookbooks. It was one of those that basically shows you how to prepare everything. I think it was 400 pages, or at least that is how I remember it. 

So there I went,  looking through the pages of this book, very intimidated by most of the recipes. Then I came across chicken saltimbocca. I remember eating this dish at a wedding one time and decided I was going to cook it, no matter how difficult it was. 

I gathered all the ingredients together and went for it. The chicken turned out pretty good. However, I over cooked the prosciutto and turned it into jerky. The spinach turned out soggy, but I melted the cheese to perfection. I served the chicken saltimbocca to my parents anyway and they were polite and said they enjoyed it.

Over the years I continued to make chicken saltimbocca and would often serve it when I wanted to impress someone. The recipe is really not that difficult, it just requires some extra attention to detail.


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