Unfortunately no, not yet, if there is a correspondingly high demand for this function, we will provide an option (e.g. via integration via RSS feed) for it.

It's about the certain food blog factor in the posts, if you have created a great dish that was based on a cooperation, you can of course also link it. However, pure advertising messages are prohibited and will not be published.

In order to prevent spam as far as possible, the submitted contributions are currently released manually and end up in the PENDING queue. If your contribution meets our quality criteria, it should be visible online within 24 hours.

If you submit a lot of articles within a short time, we may queue them in pending stage and release them step by step to have a nice mix of different submissions form various users on the front page.

Contributions from new users are checked by the editors and released individually in order to avoid spam on the portal. If you have published several posts, we will switch you to power user, then your posts will appear immediately on the portal.

Yes, if you actually want to publish new posts or recipes that cannot yet be found on any food blog, you can create and publish them using the NEW BLOGPOST link. Please do not copy and repost posts from an existing blog.

Posts are each linked directly to the original post, the link to the source post is under the post image and is labeled "DIRECT LINK TO ARTICLE".

If the link was not submitted by yourself, please simply report the article via the "Report" function or send us the URL of the article via the contact form and note that you, as the author of the source contribution, would like the link removed.

Use NEW BLOGPOST if you want to create a new article or recipe here on the community, this is mostly for users that do not have their own foodblog but want to publish kitchen stories or recipes.

Use the SUBMIT LINK button if you want to create a link to your article or recipe on your own external blog.

First you need to enter the direkt URL to your article or recipe on your blog. The system tries to fetch the Title and the Title Image of your source article/recipe. You can adjust and modify Title, Image and Teaser-Text and then submit for review.

Yes. The posts you created with this account will then also be removed.

If you have any further questions, please send us a short message!