Registration as a user is free. Certain functionalities (such as participation in our social media functions are only available to registered users. Registered users can only be natural persons who have at least limited legal capacity. Registration takes place via user login (user name/password), the registration must be via a personal email address to be confirmed.

The user assures that the information provided by him, in particular the user information, is correct and complete and undertakes to keep the contact details in the user profile up to date.

The user undertakes to store the transmitted access data carefully and protected against access by third parties. He is not entitled to make his access available to third parties or to allow third parties to use it. In the event of misuse of the user access data, the user bears full responsibility for this. Misuse can lead to the blocking or deletion of the account.

The operator is entitled at any time to refuse the registration of users and content and/or to delete it without notice. This applies in particular to registrations with known spam domains, incomplete or obviously incorrect login information, accounts suspected of being spam, as well as the publication of off-topic content or repeated posting of advertising messages or other commercial content or e.g. the operation of link farms (e.g. for link building, SEO optimization, affiliate business, etc.).

In exceptional cases, the operator reserves the right to change a user’s username (e.g. if the name is ambiguous or inappropriate). In such a case, the operator will inform the user immediately by email.

User Obligations and Responsibilities

With the registration of the user account, the user grants the operator an irrevocable, transferable and non-exclusive right of use for the duration of the valid user registration, which entitles the user to use it within the online offer. The rights of use apply without restriction in terms of time, space and the medium (web, mobile, etc.). With the deletion of the user account, the content is also irrevocably removed, see also our data protection declaration.

The user is fully responsible for his behavior on the portal and for all content (e.g. texts, images, videos, comments, etc.) posted by him. Before posting content, the user must ensure that his behavior or the content he transmits does not violate statutory provisions, morality or the rights of third parties (e.g. trademark, name, copyright and data protection law, provisions for the protection of minors, etc.) and undertakes to comply with country-specific regulations of his home country and the EU, in particular the imprint obligation and DSGVO. Furthermore, before posting texts or images, the user undertakes to obtain the necessary consent of those involved, for example the photographers or persons depicted or named.

The user must indemnify the operator for the content transmitted by the user from third-party claims and reimburse him for any damage and costs, including the costs for legal defense against third-party claims.

This service is available free of charge for registered users of the portal for the duration of the membership.

Obligations and responsibilities of the operator

The operator undertakes to publish the content in the original version of the user, a content or legal review and an editorial processing or modification of the content to be published does not take place.

The retention time of the transmitted content on the portal is indefinite, but there is no guaranteed right to retrieval and availability with the free service. The user has the option of administering his content independently at any time (change of content, export of content, deletion of the account, etc.).

The operator reserves the right to reject registrations or content without giving reasons and to delete inactive profiles as part of a system cleanup. There is no entitlement to free registration, not even after registration has already taken place. Regardless of the fact that the operator does not check or edit the material, he reserves the right not to publish content under special circumstances without giving reasons or to remove content that has already been published.

The operator will endeavor to keep the platform available without interruptions, a specific availability is not promised. Liability for disruptions or failures is excluded.
The operator is entitled to change functionalities, appearance or other features of the platform at his own discretion and to place advertising around or within the transmitted content. The operator is not obliged to users to store or store content.

The operator is entitled to change or supplement the terms of use.

Our Terms of Service contain excerpts from Automattic’s Terms of Service for which is shared on Github under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Stand: 08. November 2022